Air France/KLM has introduced a new fare structure for the Economy Class for Europe and North-Africa. This structure means that BlueBiz travelers have to pay for their baggage. This also applies for flights to the United States. The new fare structure includes three ticket options: LIGHT, STANDARD and FLEX. When you choose the LIGHT-ticket, hand baggage is included, but check-in baggage is not. The first piece of check-in baggage remain free for the SkyTeam Elite- and Elite Plus members (Flying Blue Silver, Gold en Platinum). BlueBiz members can choose the STANDARD- or FLEX-fare, where check-in baggage is included, or they can choose the LIGHT-fare where they can spend their Blue Credits for check-in baggage as a paid option. BlueBiz members receive extra Blue Credits for sales on/after 1 April 2017 when they book the STANDARD- or FLEX-fare.

Take advantage of priority check-in, easy baggage drop-off and fast-track boarding! As a frequent traveler or business class passenger, membership in Skyteam’s SkyPriority program lets you enjoy benefits at more than a thousand airports worldwide, including Schiphol.
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Follow the easy-to-recognize SkyPriority signs at the airports and you’re on your way to fast and optimum service. From priority check-in, boarding and baggage drop-off to access to the exclusive fast lanes at ticketing offices, transfer desks and security and passport control. Prefer to skip the lines and want to take the stress and rush out of air travel? Our consultants can explain exactly how you too can take advantage of all the benefits of SkyPriority. We’d be happy to share our well-kept secret with you!

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