Booking online keeps travel costs as low as possible. Research shows that the average ticket price of tickets booked online is lower. The two main factors: Booking online increases your responsibility to be aware of costs. When travellers and office managers see flights and prices on a screen in front of them they tend to select the lowest fares. This phenomenon is called the “visual guilt factor”. Ignoring cheaper flights and hotels make people feel guilty. In addition, booking in advance is also important to keep travel costs low. Booking engines like OpenSkies are available around the clock. Every hour, seven days per week, 365 days of the year. Nowadays websites are responsive, using smaller devices like iPADs and mobile phones works as well to book tickets. It all helps to book at an earlier stage. In general airlines apply yield management to determine their prices. The earlier you book the lower the price. OpenSkies can inform you how cost awareness within companies can be improved. See also Savings

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